Jacqueline Piotaz Advanced Eye Care


This unique eye cream is rich in high quality ingredients for the fine, sensitive and stressed skin around the eyes. The product contains  ingredients, such as allantoïne, caffeine, D-panthenol, grapeseed oil, hyaluronic acid, organic edelweiss and natural vitamin E. The special combination of naturally occurring ingredients makes fine lines and expression lines look less severe.

The eye zone appears fresher and more supple and is given more radiance and brightness.

The Advanced Eye Care contains the revolutionary combination of three plant stem cells. The extracts of apple, grape and Alpine rose are obtained with the aid of pioneering PhytoCellTec™ bio high technology and have a potent effect* on cell protection, cell renewal and cell longevity. For maximum efficacy, each formula has been supplemented with additional active complexes and further high concentrations of ingredients.


* In-vitro-studies on cell cultures

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