Jacqueline Piotaz The Mask & Luxury Night Cream


This anti-aging intensive mask & luxury night cream supports a lifting, firming and rejuvenation effect of the skin, ideally complements the daily care with the products of the Triple Plant Stem Cell Plus Collection®. The revolutionary formula contains a spectacular ingredient cocktail of five plant stem cell extracts from Alpine rose, apple, argan tree, grape (PhytoCellTec™) and edelweiss. They have a proven effect* on cell renewal and cell maintenance, strengthen the skin barrier and preserve the vitality of the cells for a long-lasting youthful appearance. In combination with DermCom they activate* cell communication, have an innovative, multidimensional effect* and help support the regeneration of the skin.

The second generation of antioxidants and anti-pollution ingredients guard against environment-related damage and help to prevent pigmentation from the oxydation. Exclusive ingredient components balance the skin with moisture, plumping it from within. The appearance of fine and expression lines is reduced and the complexion looks refined. The skin feels firmer, smoother and plumped, as if lifted.

* In-vitro-studies on cell cultures with the pure active substance.

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